Born in Chile.
He is a proud father of two children. Namaste and Matteo.

Hernan is the founder of Bigfoot Patagonia and Antares expeditions. He arrived in Puerto Natales in 1996. He has been a member of different expeditions on Glacier Grey since 1997. Every season, he looks for the best and safest way to reach the Glacier. He has also been part of rock climbing expeditions in Torres del Paine national park; gaining an entire new experience in his life. His last project, which was the first expedition to reach the summit, was the Valley of D’Agostini located in Patagonia.

Today, he is still developing new projects to improve the outdoor experiences that we share with all our visitors at Bigfoot Patagonia base camp.


Head Guide Kayak
Alexis is a local guide, born in 1981.

Certificated by Sea kayak alliance of guides in British Columbia, Canada as the best Kayak Guide of Chile in Patagonia. SKGABC level III Kayaker and WFR first aid responder.

After 10 years of hard work, Alexis has become the head kayak guide of Bigfoot Patagonia. He has formed a high quality level of Patagonian outdoor guides. He has focused on environmental conservation and social causes which acknowledge him as a future generation kayak guide trainer.

His leadership and endless self-training passion for cooking are the perfect complements for his team.


Head Ice Hike Guide
He was born in Puerto Natales - Chile.

Since the age of 14, Tadeo has been working, hiking, kayaking and gaining experience in the different trails of Torres del Paine national park.

He loves snowboarding, traveling and overcoming personal rock climbing challenges. All his passion is shared in every single excursion turning it into a unique experience for visitors.


Kayak Guide
He was born in Polonia.

He’s an environmental engineer. Since 2002, he has been traveling passionately around the world. In 2005, he visited Patagonia and he, immediately, fell in love with this pristine place.

In 2006, he was the second Polish citizen who crossed the Paraná river, which is the eighth top longest rivers in the world. Arek likes to improve the experience of visitors sharing what he knows best– which is an adventure itself.


Hike Guide
He was born in Puerto Natales - Chile.

As well as Tadeo, Miky started working, hiking and knowing Patagonia at the age of 14; usually working after the school and during his summer holidays, discovering at a very young age rock climbing, kayak, trekking.

Lately decided to focus on rock climbing and kayak, certificating to a professional level and improving himself. As a well-known rock climber in Patagonia, Miky enjoys sharing his stories and knowledge with keen visitors.


Hike Guide
He is originally from south Patagonia, a lover of nature and the outdoor sport activities like mountaineering, glaciers crossings, rock climbing, skiing, slack line and always trying to find new challenges as this latest time with surfing and kayak.

Since six years he got adopted from Scandinavian countries and he fell in love, roaming the mountains and beautiful landscapes over there. so he got the glacier guide certificate and now he is specializing to be instructor by Norsk Fjellsportforum (Norwegian mountaineering foro)

He is spending the summer seasons between Nigardsbreen and Grey, well known outlet glaciers from the largest ice cap in Norway and the Patagonia ice fields


Kayak Guide
He was born in Puerto Natales - Chile.

Rodrigo loves the outdoor -always exploring new disciplines but rock climbing and kayaking are his passions. Kayaking through Patagonia has become his life adventure -a personal challenge.

His goal is to keep improving professionally to develop the best service to all our visitors in Patagonia.


Kayak Guide
Born in the city of Puerto Natales - Chile.

Since he was a child, he discovered that he liked outdoor activities and sports. He decided to study Ecotourism when he knew, Kayak Crossing, was the sport that got a mark on him.

His restless personality took him to work on very extreme places on Magallanes, as Carlos III Island and Humpback Whales Sanctuary.

From passion to profession, today, together with his Kayak partners, he’s part of our staff giving his warmth of experience to our keen tourists.


Kayak Guide
Born in Punta Arenas City - Chile.

The feeling of freedom when rowing along with the beauty of Patagonian landscapes were the things I felt so much passion for when I started as a kayak assistant in 2011. I have, passionately, had the chance to get to know some extraordinary places doing kayak and trekking on the Peninsula and Tierra del Fuego.

Recently, I got my ACA level 3 certification which makes me a better professional in the field so I can show the best of our zone to all visitors.


Kayak Guide
Born and raised in the central valley of the Chilean Andes

From childhood, he felt a passion for nature. He has let his life flow in the sea and in the mountains of the Chilean territory. From north to south, he has done sea kayak expeditions and mountaineering.

He has discovered that Patagonia is his place in the world. Guiding is his profession and passion. He is happy to share his experiences, convey security and knowledge to passengers, the above for him, is a pillar of his tours in Big Foot.