Born 1985 in Contulmo, Chile.
Speaks English and Spanish.

She lived in diferent places, but when she came to visit patagonia, specially the National Park Torres del Paine, she was delighted with so beautifull and extraordinary lanscapes, their biodiversity, the people, and the peace, lives in Natales since 2015.

Ith a degree in biological science, enjoy to do enviromental education, go trekking and take pictures of the nature. With all the enthusiasm of always be learning something new.

She will be the saleswoman of bigfoot patagonia, and she is the person than can help you.


Born 1981 in Punta Arenas, Chile.
Speaks English and Spanish.

Certificación WFR, SKGABC Nivel III.
Alexis is a local guide, born in Chile 1981. He holds an upper level qualification in adventure tourism. Alexis has 10 years paddling experience in the Magallanes Region, He has been recognized as one of the the best chilean sea kayak guides. He is certificated by the sea kayak alliance of guides of british columbia for sea kayak guiding in Ultima Esperanza.

Currently head kayak guide for Bigfoot Patagonia, he loves nature and exploring the fjords of patagonia, enjoys cooking, especially out in the open over the camp fire.


Born 1981 in Puerto Natales, Chile.
Speaks English and Spanish

Certification WFR, SKGABC level I.
Tad was raised in chilean patagonia, He has been climbing, kayaking and trekking since he was 15 years old.

Since 2000 he has been an important member of our kayak and ice hike team. He took part in advanced training and certification national and internationall (SKGABC).
Currently he is head ice hike guide for bigfoot patagonia, in his free time he enjoys world travel, undertaking personal projects such as climbing in the huaraz (peru), the alps (france), cheddar gorge (uk) and many more. In addition to rock climbing he loves snowboarding.

He regularly ascends in the National Park Torres del Paine.


Born in Chile.
Speaks English and Spanish..

Certification WFR by NOLS
Hernan has lived in Puerto Natales since 1996. He is the founder of antares and Bigfoot Patagonia.
In 2004 Hernan set up the Fundacion Patagonia, with the objective of developing conservation and cultural projects for the local community.

He has been part of the ice hike team in Glacier Grey since 1997. Each season he researches the safest route to access the glacier, has been involved in many big wall climbs in torres del Paine National Park, constantly developing new routes and new walls. His last project was in Valle de Agostini, where he was part of the team that completed the first and only ascent of la Romana.

He is the father of two sons (Namaste and Matteo).


Born 1986 in Slovenia.
Speaks Slovenian, English and Spanish.

Certification WFR, Kayak instructor level III.
Kaja was born in Slovenia in 1986. She is a trained mathematician and is now working as part of our Ice Hike and Kayak team.
Her career in kayaking began in 1996, when she participated in numerous slalom races. Now she is Kayak instructor level III.

As she said “now i am old and i prefer working in Bigfoot Patagonia as a kayaking guide”. In her free time she loves mountains, alpine touring, and climbing as well as white water kayaking or sea kayaking in Greenland.